$10,000 for the Panamerican School of the IMT – one last push

We are pleased to announce that the appeal to collect $10,000 to help fund the Panamerican School of the IMT has already raised over $8,750 in dozens of donations, big and small from comrades and sympathisers from around the world. 

We are therefore just $1,250 from the target. We want to thank everyone who has donated to this incredible collection so far and we are calling for a final push to reach the $10,000. 

The Panamerican School of the IMT will start on November 30th with an opening session at the Trotsky House Museum in Mexico City and will follow with several discussions centered around the centenary of Lenin’s death on December 1-3. Comrades from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, El Salvador, Cuba, Mexico, Haiti, US and Canada will be present as well as members of the international leadership of the IMT.

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