10 days until the International Marxist University opens its doors!

Just over a week from now, on 23 July, thousands of people from 127 countries (and rising) will come together to join the International Marxist University (IMU). Already, we have signed up around 4,500 people. So what are you waiting for? Enrol in the IMU today

This event could not occur at a more appropriate time. We are living through an era of crisis and revolution. In the last week alone, major social explosions have been unfolding across the world, reflecting the deepening crisis of capitalism. 

In Sri Lanka, protesters fighting against unbearable living conditions have taken over the president’s residence, forcing his resignation. 

In Britain, the pillars of British capitalism have been further weakened, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson forced to offer his resignation following the resignation of over 50 MPs. 

In Ecuador, an 18-day national strike against the worsening cost of living crisis came to an end, having won important concessions from the government. 

It is safe to say that across the world, the crisis of capitalism is having a profound effect on the consciousness and radicalism of the masses, who are beginning to take their destinies into their own hands. 

It is in these conditions that more and more are turning to the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky. People are eager to understand the development of society up to this point, and how this degenerate capitalism system can be completely overthrown in favour of a society that works for the benefit of everyone: a socialist society.

The International Marxist University aims to provide precisely this: ideas and analysis to change the world!

The IMU will cover 15 fascinating and varied sessions, from the Spanish Conquest of the Americas, to ‘Marxism, Money and Inflation’ and ‘Dialectics of Nature: Marxism and Modern Science’. This revolutionary theory will arm workers and youth across the world with the ideas to understand the world and how it can be changed. 

Comrades across the International Marxist Tendency have been energetically building for the event in their local areas, launching a range of initiatives such as postering sessions and videos discussing the event and what sessions they are looking forward to. 

Check out some of these below: 





Comrades from around the world will be attending watch-parties near them, offering the chance to watch each session with fellow revolutionaries giving you the chance to discuss each session and how to get organised in the struggle to overthrow this barbaric system once and for all. 

If you are interested in attending one of these events, let us know and we can put you in touch with your nearest IMU organiser. 

Whether you plan to attend via a watch party or from home, the IMU is an essential event for anyone who aspires for a better future, free from oppression, exploitation and tyranny. Register today!

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