Brazil: united front of labour, student and popular movement to end pro-Bolsonaro blockades

The following is a statement by our Brazilian section, Esquerda Marxista (Marxist Left) offering solidarity with worker, youth and neighbourhood activists who have resolved to break up road blockades by hardline Bolsonaro supporters, refusing to accept the result of Sunday’s elections. Our comrades will participate in these efforts, and call for the main left and trade union organisations to back them.

Bolsonaro has not commented on the election results so far because he does not want to accept defeat, but he has not found any political support to question the outcome. One by one, his allies recognised Lula-Alckmin's victory, leaving Bolsonaro increasingly isolated. He may still have some hope that the roadblocks set up by radicalised Bolsonaristas can grow and give him the support he needs on the streets for some adventure. But it is a vain hope. The bourgeois institutions are closing in until the only viable option left for Bolsonaro will be to recognise defeat.

However, the police force that the Supreme Court (STF) has determined must unblock the roads, the Federal Highway Police (PRF), has remained faithful to Bolsonaro since Sunday, operating against TSE (High Electoral Court) rulings, making it difficult to turn up at the polls and now, even with orders from the STF to remove roadblocks, we have seen videos showing PRF agents collaborating with Bolsonarista truck drivers, advising them where to move their pickets, etc.

In some states, the residents of proletarian neighborhoods (and organised workers at factories and shipyards) where blockades are being carried out have organised themselves to do what the PRF does not: unblock the roads. Now, the Homeless Workers’ Movement (MTST) has decided to send its members to places with blockades to remove them. 

What we are seeing is an ultra-minority attempt by the most radical and desperate Bolsonaristas to attempt an “organised” reaction. This attempt, which is extremely weak, has only continued until now because of the connivance of the PRF. In history, we have always seen that reaction is only effectively fought by the proletariat and not by the bourgeoisie.

Thus, the Marxist Left not only supports the MTST's decision, but calls on its activists to participate alongside the MTST in actions to unblock the roads. It is the responsibility of the PT, PSOL, CUT, UNE, the unions, student organisations and popular movements to mobilise their ranks to dismantle what remains of these blockades and provide a response from our class to the Bolsonarist far right. We need to act fast and take our place in history immediately.

Executive Committee of the Marxist Left,

1 November 2022

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