Broad media coverage of the launch of the Mexican edition of Trotsky's Stalin

The publication in Mexico of the complete and revised edition of Leon Trotsky’s critical biography of Stalin has had a wide impact both in the book launch meeting and in the media coverage of the edition by Fontamara.

The prestigious magazine Nexos published a very comprehensive review of the book.

La Vanguardia, from Coahuila, reviewed the launch.

The newspaper La Jornada, the only progressive daily in Mexico, dedicated an article to the book launch meeting, which was held at the Leon Trotsky House Museum, and again in its Monday edition.

Also El Sur de Guerrero published on the new edition of Stalin.

The launch of The Man Who Loved the Dogs by the Cuban writer Leonardo Padura, in which the author, Esteban Volkov and Alan Woods spoke, also had an impact on the media. The event, which was held as part of the same cycle of talks marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution, was covered by El País, Debate, El Sur (from Guerrero) and Reforma.

100 present at Trotsky Museum Image Own work100 present at Trotsky Museum for Stalin book launch / Image: Own work

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