Decision of the Collegium Abroad, Central Committee, Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party

First published in 1923.

The Collegium Abroad of the R.S.D.L.P. Central Committee resolves to accept Comrade Robert Grimm’s proposal concerning the return to Russia via Germany of émigrés desiring to return home.

The Collegium Abroad places on record:

1) That Comrade R. Grimm negotiated with a member of the government of a neutral country, Minister Hoffmann, who did not consider it possible for Switzerland officially to intervene for the only reason that the English Government would doubtlessly interpret this as a breach of neutrality, since England refuses to permit the passage of internationalists;

2) That R. Grimm’s proposal is fully acceptable since it guarantees free passage irrespective of political affiliation, or attitude on the “fatherland defence” issue, or on Russia continuing the war or concluding peace, etc.;

3) That the proposal is based on a plan envisaging the exchange of Russian émigrés for German internees in Russia, and that the émigrés have no reason to decline to campaign for such an exchange in Russia;

4) That Comrade R. Grimm has submitted this proposal to representatives of all the trends among the political émigrés, pointing out that in the situation that has arisen this is the only way and that it is fully acceptable under present conditions;

5) That, for our part, we have done everything possible to convince representatives of the different trends of the need to accept the proposal and of the absolute impermissibility of delay;

6) That the representatives of certain trends have, unfortunately, urged further delay—a decision which we can not but regard as a grave mistake, and one that does immense damage to the revolutionary movement in Russia.

In accordance with these considerations, the Collegium Abroad of the Central Committee resolves to notify all members of our Party of the acceptance of the proposal and of our immediate departure, and to invite them to register all who wish to make the journey, and send a copy of this decision to the representatives of all other trends.

Zurich, March 31, 1917


Source: Marxist Internet Archive