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The ongoing crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world political situation. In Defence of Marxism has risen to the occasion, stepping up our coverage and our activities. The big response we've received from our readers show that the ideas of Marxism are more relevant than ever. Read and share our coverage, and donate to our financial appeal, to educate yourself and help build our forces for the battles to come!

The coronavirus is bringing all of the underlying contradictions of the capitalist system to the fore. At all, levels the crisis is being accelerated to the nth degree. The complete disregard of the capitalists for anything other than their profits is leading to widespread resentment amongst the working class in all countries. The divisions within the ruling class, both within nations and amongst them, are increasing. The world economy is in free fall. This is the most serious crisis in the history of capitalism, and it will also have huge revolutionary repercussions. The In Defence of Marxism website has been following this process from the beginning.

We have analysed its different aspects, from the overall general period we have now entered (see ‘Coronavirus crisis opens a new stage in world history’, ‘Italy: the coronavirus epidemic is an emergency, but capitalism is the real disaster’, ‘The lessons of the Italian coronavirus crisis for the workers of the world’), the economic impact of the crisis (‘Ruling class flounders faced with the worst crisis in the history of capitalism’, ‘Capitalism threatens to throw us back to the Dark Ages’), the growing class contradictions (‘Them and us: rich vs. poor during the COVID-19 pandemic’, ‘Italy: workers meet bosses’ blackmail with strike action!’) as well as developing a programme that Marxists everywhere can use to link the challenges faced everywhere by the workers and poor with the struggle for socialist revolution (‘COVID-19 pandemic: the threatening catastrophe and how to combat it’, ‘Chile: faced with COVID-19, trade unions threaten to impose quarantine through general strike’). We have also developed a wealth of video material, which continues to receive thousands of views (‘The coronavirus and the crisis of capitalism’, ‘Alan Woods on coronavirus and the world crisis of capitalism’, IDoM’s YouTube channel).

We have also successfully launched our new Marxist University portal, which organises the best Marxist theoretical material in accessible categories. In the next period, we will further develop different aspects of the Marxist University as the best one-stop shop for anyone who wishes to undertake a serious study of the ideas of scientific socialism.

The response to our work has been overwhelming. Over the last 30 days, we have had almost 450,000 pageviews, which is 44 percent higher than the previous 30 days! This comes on top of a year where visits had already increased by 29 percent. The cynics and pessimists at the top of the labour movement and in the halls of academia always complain about the low level of the masses. They claim that people are not interested in theory. One by one, the so-called lefts have abandoned Marxist theory, claiming that it is not fashionable or that we need “new ideas”.

But what the workers and youth are not interested in is the toothless “theory” of these ladies and gentlemen, which is designed to bog down radicalised youth in the swamp of endless obscure discussion, far away from the frontlines of the class struggle. What is clearly proven by the numbers above is that there is in actual fact an increasing thirst for ideas - real ideas. Ideas that can explain the world of crisis around us, and show a way out of the impasse of capitalism. In the extreme turmoil of the world today, the ideas of Marxism are the only ideas that can provide clarity and explain the true reasons behind events.

We also launched a Financial Appeal, with the aim of raising €150,000. We are still in the early stages of this campaign. But we have had a very good response and received a number of substantial donations, bringing the total so far to £1,590 over the course of a week.

We would like to thank comrades SO in Sweden, RP in Denmark, AT from Austria, AK from Germany, AB from the US, LC and DM from the UK and LJ from Belgium, all of whom have donated to the appeal. As we have also reported, the Swedish comrades of Revolution held a very successful national gathering (online), where they pledged half their record collection to our work. From all over the world, we are receiving reports that our supporters are increasing their financial commitment, which is a direct reflection of their commitment to the struggle for socialism. Thus, we are confident that we can reach our target, but for that we need your help! Please consider becoming a regular contributor to us or if that is not possible, donating to our collection.

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While the leaderships of most other organisations, including the millions-strong unions and workers’ parties, are shutting down activities, we are increasing ours. The correctness of Marxism and the need for a determined fight for socialist revolution have never been clearer. The International Marxist Tendency, the revolutionary organisation behind this website, is organising talks, discussions and reading groups throughout the world (‘Partecipa ai Gruppi di Studio Marxista on line!’, ‘Canada and Coronavirus: A Marxist Analysis', ‘Congress of Swedish Marxists: preparing for class struggle’). We are constantly organising new activities so please contact us to hear more about how you can participate in these.

Events are moving at lightning speed. The conditions are being prepared for immense revolutionary developments in the next period. Join us and help prepare a revolutionary organisation that can intervene in these events and bring them to their logical conclusion: a socialist revolution!

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