On the Return of the Emigrants

Pravda No. 34, April 29 (16), 1917. Published according to the text in Pravda.

Today’s papers have published a telegram over the signatures of P. B. Axelrod, L. Martov, Ryazanov, Lunacharsky, and Natanson, reading:

We find it absolutely impossible to return to Russia via England.”

Another telegram signed by Mandelberg, member of the Second Duma, Professor Reichesberg, Felix Kon, Ustinov, Balabanova, Andronnikov, and others, reads:

“We see a way out in an agreement between the Russian and German governments... for an exchange of prisoners ... in return for the liberation of a corresponding number of German civilians held in Russia.”

Why shouldn’t the gentlemen of Russkaya Volya and Yedinstvo declare these political emigrants, too, to be German agents?


Source: Marxist Internet Archive