Portugal: Colectivo Marxista website launch!

The website of the Colectivo Marxista in Portugal – colectivomarxista.org – is live today! We have been working on this project for some time, but have decided to move the launch forward to today. This decision has been taken because we think that, in this time of economic and social crisis, it is more important than ever to spread and discuss political ideas.

For the first time, all of our articles and reports – and the articles of comrades from other parts of the world translated into Portuguese – are available in one place.

In particular, you will find our latest analysis of the coronavirus crisis as it unfolds in Portugal, and our proposal for a general strike of non-essential workers affected by the crisis (A VIDA E A SAÚDE ANTES DO LUCRO!).

There is also more information about us, our activities and our aims on the website, as well as ways to contact us and get involved in the struggle against capitalism for a better world!

If you are based in Portugal, agree with what you read from us and would like to contribute to our cause, you can contact us directly here:

Email – colectivomarxistalisboa@gmail.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/colectivomarxistalisboa/

Our cause

Capitalism is today in the deepest crisis in its history. It is an economic and social crisis that is now manifesting itself in political instability and turbulence and a growing class struggle around the world. While the ruling class tries to bury Marxism, it has never been as relevant as it is today.

The impasse of capitalism and its inability to bring progress to society creates the necessary conditions for its overthrow. However, only the organisation of the working class with a revolutionary programme can put an end to the exploitation and decay inherent in capitalism and make a new society flourish, based on an economy planned and democratically managed by workers.

In this sense, we believe that the study of Marxist theory is indispensable as an instrument and guide for the organized struggle against capitalism. We therefore propose an open discussion circle in which to study the various aspects of Marxist theory, history and the revolutionary potential of the present workers' movement.

Who we are

Colectivo Marxista was born in 2017 in Lisbon on the initiative of some comrades of the IMT (International Marxist Tendency).

We identify with the political perspectives of the IMT and share its ideas. Our group is open to all, not excluding members of parties and other organisations, who want to join us in the struggle for socialism, against the capitalist system and all of its horrors.

Moreover, we ourselves have participated enthusiastically in platforms fighting for housing rights in Portugal, against fascism and the rise of the far-right, and against imperialist intervention in Venezuela.

Ultimately, we are trying to build an organisation in Portugal capable of putting the revolutionary ideas of Marxism into practice, to help transform society here and across the world. Join us in this fight!

Join us

If you want more information about joining the IMT, fill in this form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.