Record attendance at the IMT Francophone School

On 25 and 26 November 200 French-speaking comrades and sympathisers of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT) met in Geneva as part of this year’s International Francophone School.

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The weekend was an opportunity for our comrades from Switzerland, France, Belgium and Quebec to deepen their theoretical knowledge and share their experiences. The event also made clear that the forces of the IMT are having increasing success in all the countries where our International is active. In fact, it was the largest French-speaking event that we have ever organised, and many of the participants were new comrades.

The event underlined everything that makes our organisation strong: our internationalism, firm principles and unfailing revolutionary enthusiasm!

The importance of theory

As always, the School opened with a discussion on the world situation, introduced by Fred Weston from the international leadership of the IMT. Then, throughout the weekend, comrades took part in discussions on topics including Marxist philosophy, the Marxist position on war, and the Russian and German Revolutions. There was also a session on the conflict in Israel-Palestine.

Theoretical education, which was the central objective of this School, is essential for building a genuinely revolutionary party. The comrades understood this, purchasing thousands of euros worth of revolutionary books, newspapers and pamphlets.

Building the forces of communism!

Marx described theory as a “guide to action”. On the basis of Marxist ideas, we must build powerful revolutionary parties in every country. That was the message of the closing session, devoted to the history of Bolshevism and the building of our organisation. The discussion was brimming with enthusiasm. The collection raised 11,000 Swiss francs, underlining the spirit of sacrifice of our comrades.

Our ideas and our confidence in the communist future of humanity must be the basis for serious and ambitious work to recruit as many revolutionaries as possible. The IMT is enjoying ever greater success, not least thanks to its “Are you a communist?” campaign, launched this summer across the International. The historic crisis of capitalism is forcing millions of young people to turn to the ideas of communism. This campaign has already enabled us to recruit many revolutionaries around the world.

To help us build the forces of communism in Switzerland, France, Belgium, Canada and elsewhere, join us!

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