Greece: The new agreement - sellout and punishment for the people's 'NO' vote

Organise mass resistance against the the junta – consisting of the Troika, the oligarchy and the capitulating government - to stop the passing the agreement by parliament!

What should the members of SYRIZA and the Left Platform do?

communist-tendency-syrizaThe memorandum agreement, which was signed this by the prime minister at the EU Summit this morning - and which includes massive austerity, new levels of over-taxation of the people, sweeping privatisations and cuts in wages and pensions - is nothing but a sellout and a submission to the demands of the Troika. It is also a punishment of the people for their courageous, classbased 'NO' vote [in the referendum last Sunday].

The government and the leading group in SYRIZA capitulated. The working people and youth are not going to do the same. The most crucial issue at the moment is to build a massrevolutionary working class “NO” movement, in order to stop the adoption of the new memorandum by parliament and to overthrow the parliamentary junta of "national unity".

What is to be done now:

  • An indefinite general strike as well as daily mass rallies and demonstrations demanding the rejection of the agreement.
  • Organise meetings to elect committees of struggle in every workplace and in every neighbourhood.

The Communist Tendency calls on all members of SYRIZA to react decisively in the coming hours. The anger of the left rank and file must be transformed into political action and not be left to dissipate and end with people leaving the movement with "bowed heads". We must not make it easier for the leading clique of liars to complete their betrayal. They have not only violated, but destroyed, all ideological, political, programmatic and founding principles of the party. All the shame of the betrayal is theirs. To wage a final battle against the liars who lead the party, is an issue of political honor, but above all a means of rescuing the best left activists.

The Communist Tendency calls on all members of SYRIZA to demand emergency meetings of their local branches to adopt the following resolution:

"The Meromandum Agreement and the draft laws that accompany them must be voted down by all of the SYRIZA members of parliament.

"Those SYRIZA MPs who vote in favor of the agreement and the government officials who accept to carry them out, will automatically have put themselves outside of the party. They can no longer be welcome in any of the bodies of the party and would not have the standing of party members.

"An emergency congress of SYRIZA is needed, that will politically denounce the government and will adopt a new program, a new policy and elect a new leadership."

We demand the immediate convening of the Central Committee to discuss and adopt the above resolution. We urge the Left Platform to support us and to demand of its members to vote against the agreement and of its ministers to resign from the memorandum-government of "national unity".

If this necessary final battle against the lying leaders as explained above is lost, then the left wing of SYRIZA should proceed to the establishment of a new party based on the political and programmatic principles of genuine scientific socialism and a firm political denouncement of reformism and social democracy, which has once again proven to be responsible for large losses and betrayals.

The conduct and success of this final battle depends entirely on the attitude and choices of the largest tendency of the Left of the party, the Left Platform. If the Left Platform does not directly adopt the essential steps mentioned above, then thousands of demoralized fighters will leave the party and it will render the staying of the leftists and communists inside SYRIZA meaningless.

The Communist Tendency, although it is a new tendency with small forces, is and has always been, the only consistent opposition to the leadership within the party. It was the only Tendency to support an alternative political program during the founding congress and in all the other party bodies and to oppose the social democratic views of the leadership.

It was the only Tendency in the Central Committee of the party which, through its representatives, voted against all the political suggestions of the leadership. This was not due to any “ideological fetish”, but because within these suggestions the seed of a future betrayal was hidden. This is the reason why, it was the only Tendency that was deprived of the right to be part of the voting ballots and to be represented within the party MPs. This consistent political stance of the Communist Tendency, as opposed to the dominating current of the applauders, apologists and the gutless “opposition” of “abstainers” and “amenders”, allows us to make an appeal for rallying and organising the best militants of the party today.

Comrades, members, supporters and voters of SYRIZA that we have fought with, shoulder to shoulder, during the strikes and demonstrations, in the neighborhoods, in the workplaces and Universities, against the Memoranda, defending the rights of the working class and the poor people - stay away from the poison of disappointment and cynicism!

Indeed the SYRIZA of the leadership team, the SYRIZA of social democracy and careerism is over. Our SYRIZA though, the SYRIZA of of the left rank and file and the class struggle is alive. We call upon you today to strengthen this Tendency. Organise with the Communist Tendency, fight for the only real political solution which favors working people, for the anticapitalist, socialist rupture! This is the best answer to the lying reformist leaders, this is the only way to turn this valuable lesson of reformist betrayals into a decision to act, that will prepare the victorious revenge of genuine socialism.

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