[Video] British Hands Off Venezuela conference

Some 50 activists participated in a very intense day of discussions during the Conference of Hands off Venezuela in London, on May 22. The main guests of the Conference were Katy Jaimes and Elías Chacón, active in the Socialist United Party (PSUV) and the PSUV youth as well as the movement of occupied factories, who had travelled from Venezuela to report on the current situation of the Bolivarian revolution. The Conference also featured a discussion on the Fifth International led off by Alan Woods. Here we present videos of their interventions.

Katy Jaimes, PSUV congress delegate explains the conquests of the Bolivarian Revolution:

Elías Chacón, PSUV activist explains the situation of the workers' movement as part of the Venezuelan revolution:

Alan Woods, International Marxist Tendency, discussed Hugo Chavez's proposal for a Fifth International:

Source: Hands Off Venezuela

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