A word of warning to our Chinese language readers

Recently, it was brought to the attention of the In Defence of Marxism Editorial Board that some individuals have been interacting with others on the Chinese internet in the name of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT), even soliciting translations and articles in the name of our organisation and promising fees in return. We wish to make it absolutely clear here to all our readers that our organisation has never accepted any contributions from such individuals, nor do we pay for articles or translations. 

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The content of the publications of the IMT and our national sections around the world is provided by our members and supporters on a voluntary basis, and not for the purpose of making money, but as a part of our struggle for socialism.

The writing, editing and publication of our articles is managed by an editorial board democratically elected by our members. All of this work is based on our willingness to work together for the advancement of Marxist ideas within the international labour and youth movements and to provide the workers of the world with the ideas that are necessary for achieving the socialist transformation of the world.

These unauthorised solicitors have never had any contact with us. We caution the Chinese readers of marxist.com worldwide against such actions, and we ask you to be especially wary of anyone who claims to be a member of the IMT without any evidence.

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